Our experience, expertise and enthusiasm make us the obvious choice for a supplier.

Traceability all the way from catch to you


Immediately after the prawns have been caught and hauled on board the fishing vessel, they are frozen. This retains the prawns’ naturally high quality. Most of our raw materials are landed directly at our production plant in Kårvikhamn. Here the prawns are thawed before they are cooked and cleaned for shells and heads. After peeling, the prawns are frozen with a protective layer of water (glazing) to prevent drying out and freezer burns. The prawns are packed in bags directly to the consumer. The bags are labelled in such a way that we can trace the individual pack right back to the fishing vessel that caught the prawns, as well as the time of production at Stella Polaris. In other words, we have complete traceability on all finished goods.

Probably the world’s most automated prawn factory

With the high salary costs in Norway, we have had to focus on effective production. All our production now takes place under one roof. Stella Polaris is probably the most automated production plant for prawns in the world today. Our prawns are untouched by human hands, from when the frozen raw materials are placed in the freezer until they are packaged. Automation and standardisation also ensure a consistent quality.

Our employees are our most important resource

Our most important guarantee for ensuring excellent production and top quality of our products, is our employees. We therefore strive to create all-year jobs and high job satisfaction. This has contributed towards a high level of experience and expertise among our workforce, in production, sales and logistics.


Customer in focus

Our market- and sales team constantly follows market trends and communicates regularly with our customers. We are passionate about providing products and delivery solutions to suit our customers' needs and wishes. We constantly assess these with quality and market adaptation in mind.

Being assessed by others is always healthy

In 2000, Stella Polaris was the first prawn factory in the world to be certified by the British Retail Consortium standard for food production. BRC is perhaps the most demanding quality standard available for food production. Stella Polaris undergoes annual quality inspections from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and currently has an AA rating from BRC.

Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) is one of the world's leading member organizations for ethical trade, and works to improve working conditions in global supply chains. We are a member of SMETA and take our social responsibility seriously.

Stella Polaris also has certifications from MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and Krav. The company is inspected annually by these organisations, so that we can continue to provide these environmental labels to our customers.


The Transparency Act

The Transparency Act came into effect on July 1, 2022. This means that Stella Polaris and other businesses are now required to be more open and transparent about how our operations impact the world around us.

The Transparency Act aims to reduce the risk of businesses causing or contributing to human rights violations. It also requires us to ensure decent working conditions both within our own organization and among our suppliers. The law mandates businesses to conduct due diligence assessments to understand the risk of potential violations and to implement necessary measures.

Stella Polaris has conducted a due diligence assessment, which can be found in the appendix.